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Ethnicity AI Test

With AI-Supported DNA analysis, you can learn your genetic heritage so that you can reveal ethnicity analysis. Enjoy your fascinating results!

Look Alike

Is there anyone you think is very similar to yourself? Now it's easy to find out how similar you are! Upload photos of both of you and see the accurate result.

Magic Mirror

The most accurate version of how old you are! The best way to find out how beautiful you are, just like a close friend. You can see if other people find you attractive.

Ethnicity AI Test

You can explore your gene map thanks to advanced AI support. Your gene analysis tells you what nationality you are. The easiest and most enjoyable way to do DNA analysis is DNAlyzer. As a result of advanced DNA Analysis, you can see the races you carry the gene for.

Look Alike

You can see the similarity between you by adding a photo of someone you think looks like you. Thanks to the Look-Alike feature, you can see what percentage of your similarity is. Our DNA analysis feature examines the similarity of your face shape, skin color, jaw structure, eye color and shape and calculates your similarity to each other with the help of AI in the most accurate way.

Magic Mirror

By uploading your photo to the Magic Mirror, you can learn how old your face looks with the help of AI. The Magic Mirror not only estimates your age, but also examines how attractive you are with Gene Analysis. It also gives you a result of how beautiful and handsome you are by doing an analysis of your photo through the eyes of an friend.

I have always wondered which races I carry the genes of. Thanks to DNAlyzer, I satisfied my curiosity and had a lot of fun. You should definitely use it.

Galima Ospanov

Until this time, I thought my ancestors had never left Asia. But I also learned that I carry the Russian gene. Unbelievable. Thanks DNAlyzer!

Li Zhang

I didn’t think I could learn my DNA analysis so easily! With DNAlyzer, you can quickly and easily learn what nationality you are.

Emily Lovato

What else you need to know

Quick Face Analysis

Perform a deep analysis of your face with one click. All you need is to upload a clear photo of you.

AI-Powered Results

Thanks to the support of Artificial Intelligence, the analysis will be as close to reality as possible.

Celebrity Ethnicity Analysis

See the Ethnic Analysis results of celebrities. Just log in to DNAlyzer to see your favorite celebrities's dna analysis.

Safe and Fun

DNAlyzer takes your security very seriously. It is for you to have fun safely.

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